Are you having trouble picking out the right size?
No problem we’re here to help! Just follow the steps below. 
1. All you need is a measuring tape, a pen, a piece of paper and your favorite soccer jersey for reference.
2. Start by laying your jersey on a flat surface.
3. Measure across the chest from one underarm to another and write down your size.
4. Measure the length from top to bottom then write down your size.
5. Once you find the uniform that you like, compare your measurement to the size chart and pick the one that is the closest.

Please keep in mind our uniforms may have a variation of +/- 2-4cm. 

The size you chose for your jersey will be the size you receive for the shorts. We are unable to separate them as they come in sets. The biggest size we carry at the moment is an adult XL so please look at the size chat. If you request an XXL it will be changed to an XL. Share this video with your teammates so they can find their best size too. And as always thank you for shopping with us.