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Low Startup Cost

Add products to your business or start a new one! Our starter package gets you 10 samples to showcase to your existing clientele or to potential new customers in your area. Now you can offer custom uniforms in your area with no inventory cost and a fast turn around time.

Low Start Up Cost

Our starter package cost $200 and comes with 10 uniforms and a catalog to show to your customers.

Fast Turn Around Time

Get your customers 100's of options from our catalog or give them the option to create their own design with fast turn around times

High Margins

Get up to 50% margins with your dealer discount on fully custom uniforms.

Easy 3 Step Ordering Process

Place Your Order

Once you have your customers order, you'll be able to place it online where it get sent in for processing.

Order Gets Processed

Now that your order is in, we get it processed and provide you with approval pictures prior to bulk production if necessary. On average this takes 3-5 business days. Rest assured knowing that we remove all of our branding and tags.

We ship it out

Once your order has been made, we ship it out to you, or the address you provide us. Shipping typically takes 5-7 business days. We also remove any of our information so your customers stay your customers.

Already Have A Sporting Good Store Or Print Shop?

Submit your application today and will have your account set up in no time. Use the link below to apply. Once your account is approved you'll get a 50% off code to order fully custom designs that your customers request from you, or you'll be able to offer our catalog of hundreds of uniform designs in soccer, baksetball and baseball with a discount of 25% Off our already low prices. You'll also get 25% Off all of our customization options giving you high margins and saving you all the time from having to them yourself.
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