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Since 2013 we've helped thousands of teams look their best. When you customize your uniforms with us, we take extra precautions by offering approval pictures, which means we only make your full order when you're 100% satisfied with how it's going to look.

Are you customizing your items and want to see what they'll look like before the full order is made? Select "yes" on the Mock up option that shows up when you choose to customize your items. This will assure that you get approval pictures before we make your full order. This option allows you to make any changes if necessary prior to bulk production. For example, if you add a logo and after receiving approval pictures, you decide that you want to make it bigger or move it to a different location, you’ll have the flexibility to do that and receive new pictures of approval.
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  • Available Youth Sizes 6-16
  • Available in Adult Sizes SM- XXL
  • Comes as a single jersey 
  • 100% Polyester 
  • Machine Washable 

Fc Sports Measuring Diagram

Please make sure to follow the washing instructions on the following link. It is important to wash your uniforms correctly to avoid any damage to them.

Washing Instructions

  • How long will it take to get my order?
    • Answer: The time will depend on what you choose to add to your order. You can check our shipping and processing time to get a better idea of the amount of time it willt take. Please make sure to order with plenty of time. 3 weeks is recommended to give you peace of mind knowing that you will have uniforms come game day.
  • When will I get my tracking number?
    • Answer:Once our logistics company picks up our packages, we are provided the tracking number after they are scanned by the currier wheter that be ups, fed ex, or dhl. Once that tracking number is provided to us you receive an emial confirmation with your tracking number. This typically happens 1-3 days after it has been shipped depending on the volume of packages that are gettgin processeed.
  • How is the quality of your uniforms?
    • Answer: Our uniform quality is up to par with some of the most famous and well known brands. 
  • Where do the uniforms ship from? 
    • Answer: Our uniforms ship from our warehouse in California, or direct from our factories in Mexico, China, India, and Pakistan depeding on the inventory and size of your order.  Processing and shipping wll depend on what your order cosist of. You can check the processing time frames which are listed on every product page.
  • What is the cost to add numbers, namees, or logos?
    • Answer: The cost to add numbers, names or logso is avaialble on each product page. Visit your favorite style and click on the option to customize them after reading our short message. Then go through all of our customization options and see which ones your team would like to add. The pricing will be on every option.

All Fc Sports uniforms are backed up by our Guarantee Policy.

If you decide to customize your uniforms you can request a picture of approval before we finalize processing and ship them out. Our support team willl send you pictures for your approval and If for any reason you're not happy with what you see, we can make as many changes necessary to get your approval. You will also have the option to cancel your order and recieve a full refund of your uniform sets as stated in our Guarantee Policy.

If you want to add logos to our prime uniforms, your order will be fully custom-made. 

  • We do our best to match the mock-up on our website. There could be a slight difference in color/design, and if the style you choose has small details in the mock-up, they may be hard to replicate using our sublimation method. 
  • Since it will be entirely custom-made, it allows you to change the color of the shorts.
  • You also have the option to order a different size of shorts and jersey.
  • Processing for fully sublimated styles can take 7-10 business days. 
  • If you want the uniform to look exactly like the photo, we cannot add logos or change any details of the uniform. 

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Want to customize your uniforms? We got you covered! Add numbers, names, and logos at the lowest prices without the hassle of having to take you uniforms somewhere else to get printing done. Will save you time & money!

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