Choosing the Right Size

So you were put in charge of purchasing your teams next uniform? 

We are sure you have plenty of questions and we would be glad to answer every single one of them. 

This section is going to address one of the biggest concern facing the "designate uniform picker" as we like to call them. 

"How do the uniforms fit" "will this fit me" will this fit joe? he's a big guy" 

We get these questions all the time and our answer is always the same. WE DO NOT KNOW! Unless Joe and the rest of your teammates are standing in front of us it is impossible for us to suggest a size. 

The only way to get this right or as accurate as possible is to refer to your chosen uniforms size chart. Depending on the uniform you decide to go with, the size chart may vary. When in doubt of what size to choose it is important to take the measurements from the size chart and follow the instructions on how to measure your body for proper fitting. 

Still having trouble figuring it out? We got you covered. Check out our video below and we are sure it will have you picking the right sizes in no time.